The Walton Partnership (UK) Ltd.

Global Brands Consultants

We work behind, alongside or front your business, offering a bespoke support service to introduce, develop or capitalise on your products, brands and values.

We are happy to discuss fixed term consultancy contracts, hiring staff and other resources dedicated to your goals, or simply offering sessions of ad hoc advice whenever you feel a fresh pair of eyes and ears may help.

We may agree to sell products for you; to buy products for you – and we may do this in your name or more often behind the scenes in our name, leaving you to front the brand, without the need for huge upfront resources.

Our services include:

  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Utilisation of a ready made sales office; with staff if necessary
  • Qualified field sales professionals
  • Efficient storage and distribution centres
  • Importing products from around the globe
  • Exporting products to the world
  • Sourcing or developing new products
  • The creation of new markets for development products
  • Professional purchasing routines
  • Creating advertising and or PR campaigns

Historically we have experience in markets as diverse as:

  • Engineering
  • Charitable organisations
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Gifts and fancy goods
  • Motor trade
  • Brewing
  • Leisure
  • Property development
  • Accountancy
  • Customer services
  • Music & entertainment
  • Advertising and sponsorship
  • Recycling

Central to our profile is the commitment to responsible trading, ensuring that wherever possible imports are sourced through the fair trade policy; believing that recycled products will provide the most sustainable businesses; and that we create a brand of our own that will live on beyond what we currently call the future.

Our current focus is in the following areas:

  • Recycled rubber
  • Pet bereavement products
  • Products used for residential or commercial landscaping 
  • Playgrounds and safety surfacing
  • Wedding services & paraphernalia
  • Sculptured candles and other fancy goods

Contact Information

All correspondence and initial enquiries:


The Walton Partnership (UK) Ltd
1 Walpole Close
Kings Meadow
OX26 2YF

Tel: +44 (0)1869 601786
Fax: +44 (0)1869 601123

Company registration number: 4046671
VAT registered: 739532216


Nigel K. Walton FInstSMM
Sandra Walton

Global associates operate in the following locations:

Central Europe: based in Verazdin, Croatia.
Africa: based in Durban, South Africa.

Contact UK Head office in the first instance.

The Walton Partnership (UK) Ltd.
So does a logo matter?

When we created the elephant standing on a bale of hay we knew what we wanted it to portray but during market research we received some interesting thoughts:

"The Elephant is synonymous with the word strength"

"The hay bale is a subtle representation of your desire to operate without hurting nature or the Earth"

"To us, as a business partner, I can relate to how the elephant appears to be working with, and not crushing the hay bale"

"It shows that with the right balance nature is strong enough to support the demands we place on it"

"Using a computerised graphic without aspect shows an awareness of current technology and allows the viewer to add their own scale"

"Easily scalable and therefore reproducible across all promotional mediums from business cards through to sides of buildings"

"Future proof"

"I am not sure if you realise this, but Elephants do not reproduce young during drought or when resources are short; but will become pregnant immediately food is plentiful again. Could you equate this demand to expand without destroying your mature existence as one of the main reason that businesses like ours prefer to tap into the flexible support of the Walton Partnership?"

Our founder comments: "Our thanks to all who took part, it gladdens me that you have bought into some of our most fundamental concepts and refuse to see anything for what it is; but that everything we do is for a reason. If you want to know if you are right is your summarisations; well that’s another thing . . . keep thinking!"

Kindest regards
Nigel K Walton FInstSMM
P.S. any further comments on our logo or our website would be very well received at

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